SupaFresh Cafe Geelong

There’s Plenty To Eat & Drink

Coffee for the parents and milkshakes for the kids! We’ve got it all.  Our SupaFresh Cafe is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger – and quench your thirst (and believe us… you will get thirsty)!

Of course, our food is just as supa fun as our centres – with everything from ice cream and delicious sweet treats, hot chips, hot dogs, potato cakes (like real… potato-ey… crunchy… golden ones), nachos, hamburgers, popcorn and pizza!  All that fun food can be washed down with a delicious ice cold slushie too… because you’ll be red-faced and sweaty and that’ll really hit the spot!

Of course, some prefer to enjoy our range of fresh food including fruit salads, wraps, hearty toasted sandwiches and that’s fine too!  Oh – but a little hint… when you’re here don’t forget to check out the daily specials!

Have a peak at our Supa Fresh Menu here…

Please note: We pride ourselves on offering all of our visitors a FULL-ON FUN experience, so unfortunately due to the risk of allergies and anaphylaxis, we are unable to allow visitors to bring food into the centre.