Quiet Hour

Join us for a low sensory Supa experience!

  • Natural/minimal lighting

  • No radio or music

  • Minimal PA announcements

  • Friendly airguard assistance throughout the park

Quiet Hour for Supa Fans!

Whilst we aim to provide a SUPA fun experience for everyone that visits, we understand that some of our Supa Fans can find their visit to Supatramp somewhat overwhelming. Recently we decided to trial (as other businesses in the community have also done) a low-sensory hour to offer a more pleasant visit to those Supa Fans who may experience sensory overload, and it went well – so we’d like to make it a regular thing!

We want everyone that visits Supa to have an insanely fun time, so during this hour, we will have minimal lighting throughout the centre, turn off all music, radio and television screens, minimise PA announcements (with the exception of emergencies) and have our friendly Airguards throughout the centre ready to help our Supa fans have an awesome time! Because that’s what it’s all about, right? We will also turn off all arcade games during this time (because they move around and can be a little noisy!) we hope you understand – but you’re welcome to come back and play them another time!

We know that many of our Supa friends, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, enjoy the activities we have to offer, so this “quiet hour” aims to provide them with the optimal environment for doing so. We will reduce all distractions and noise as much as possible during this hour, so that everyone can enjoy their time with us!


Cost: $15 per student, $10 for kids aged 5 and under

Our next Quiet Hour session is…

Monday 17th December 4pm-5pm

Thursday 20th December 4pm-5pm


If you would like to book for our Quiet Hour, please select the correct location and date, then click “Low Sensory Hour”


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here, or send us a message on Facebook.