Supa Dodgeball League

Supatramp Dodgeball League. Join In The Fun!

  • Weekly Team Dodgeball Competition

  • Tuesday Nights from 6PM

  • Sign up your team (or as an individual)

  • Insane Fun

Duck… Dive… Dodge! Join The League.

Duck, Dive and Dodge your opponents balls in our ridiculously fun (and slightly addictive) trampoline dodgeball league.  Get a team together (or come along solo) and prepare to eliminate your opposition (but don’t get hit!).

It’s Supa fun, Supa fast and not for the fainthearted! Supatramp’s dodgeball league is open to people over the age of 13. Dive into the fun with our dodgeball games, comprising traditional dodgeball with trampolining to have you ducking and diving all over the place!

Each season will consist of Tuesday night games running on a 40 minute schedule (with 30 minute games). We’ll have 4 team players on the court at any one time, however you’re welcome to register up to 6 players per team (or, come along solo and we’ll find a team for you!)


Check it out…

The Rules

  • The added element of bouncing around on the trampoline makes playing Dodgeball more challenging and fun for you and your opponent. The goal: Don’t get hit by your opponent but eliminate your opposition.
  • 4 Players on court at any one time (but teams can register up to 6 players)
  • The game begins with ready, set, Dodgeball
  • There are six balls at commencement of the game
  • Players try to hit the opposing players below the neck with the ball
  • If a player is hit in the face, neck or back of head, they are safe AND the player who threw it is out. However if the player who is hit in the head either by ducking, bending over, or intentionally putting their head in the way of a ball, the ref ( at their discretion) may overrule the headshot call.
  • If a player catches a ball that was thrown at them, the player who threw it is out AND a teammate that was out may come back in to play.
  • If a ball hits the floor, wall or another object the ball is dead, and anyone who is hit with the ball after it is safe.
  • If a player attempts to catch a thrown ball and fails they are out.
  • If a thrown ball deflects off one person and hits another, they are both out. If a ball deflects off one person but is caught by a teammate, they are both safe.
  • A player may use a ball to block throws. However if they drop the ball due to this they are out.
  • After a ball is deflected by a blocker ball, it is still ‘live’
  • If a deflected ball, hits someone in the face, it is a “no call’
  • When all the players on a team are out, the other team wins the game and is awarded one point. Teams then switch sides and start another game. The team that wins the most games win the match.
  • If each team only has one player left in the game, they have 1 minute to eliminate the other.
  • A player may not hold onto the ball longer than 10 seconds
  • Players can only throw the ball at the other team, kicking or spiking the ball is not permitted.
  • Players must remain on their own side.

League Structure


Games run on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm, 6:40 pm and 7:20pm

Each game goes for 30 minutes.


Although we only allow 4 team players on court at any one time, you can register your team with up to 6 people. (Individuals who register will be placed within a team)




Each season runs for 9 weeks commencing the second week of each school term. Term Four starts on Tuesday 17th October, register now!


$50 per team, per week


To register a team, we’ll require the contact details for one team member, a team name and the names of each team player.

To register individually, we’ll required your basic details (and then we’ll place you in a team).



We’ll find you a team of supa fun players. Send us an email.