Trampoline Dodgeball

Duck, Dive and Dodge your opponent’s balls in our ridiculously fun (and slightly addictive) trampoline dodgeball league. Get a team together (or come along solo) and prepare to eliminate your opposition (but don’t get hit!). These games will be the highlight of your week!

It’s Supa fun, Supa fast and not for the fainthearted! Supatramp’s dodgeball league is open to people over the age of 13. Dive into the fun with our dodgeball games, comprising traditional dodgeball with trampolining to have you ducking and diving all over the place!

Each season will consist of Tuesday night games running on a 40 minute schedule (with 30 minute games). We’ll have 4 team players on the court at any one time, however you’re welcome to register up to 6 players per team (or, come along solo and we’ll find a team for you!)