kids birthday parties

Full-On-Fun Kids Birthday Parties!

Kids Birthday Parties at Supatramp are insanely fun – from start to finish! Guaranteed. 2 hours of jumping, climbing, flipping, flying FUN. It’s paradise for the parents – and fun-filled for the kids… just the perfect balance – right? Check out all of our kids birthday party information here.

So, what do Kids Birthday Parties at Supa look like?

Well, they are FUN from start to finish. On arrival, you will meet your Supa party host – who after setting up your room, will greet you and your guests, with wristbands and grip socks! During your birthday party, you’ll have access to the park (to jump, climb, flip and fly!) for approximately 2 hours. After about 90 minutes, the party host will call your guests back to the room for party food and to ‘do the cake’. Finally, after you’re finished with the private room, they clean up the mess for you! Seriously… It’s that easy!

Please note: The party host does not stay with the group the entire time they are playing in the park.

Our Kids Birthday Parties Are As Easy As 1,2,3…

1. Select Your Party Package*

*For package prices, please select your location below.

Pizza Party: Includes delicious homemade pizzas, hot chips, popcorn, cordial

Supa Fresh Party:  Includes fresh wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruit platter, fruit juice

Toddler Party:  Includes chicken nuggets, hot chips, popcorn, fruit platter

Please note: our Toddler Parties are only available during Supatramp’s off-peak times – which is during school terms, Monday to Friday.  They are not able to be booked during school holidays, weekends and public holidays. These parties are strictly for 0-5 year olds only (participating attendees over this age will need to pay general admission)

2. Choose Your Optional Extras

With our birthday parties, you do as much or as little as you’d like – we’ve got you totally covered – with extra options for birthday cakes, cold slushies, party bags, or fruit platters!



3. Get Your Hands On Our Invitations

You can click, collect, or order invitations for your party!

Click: Download your invitations with one easy click… just select your location at the bottom of this page!

Collect: Pick up hard copy invitations from our stores! Or…

Order:  Order hard copy invitations ($5.00 postage and handling fee is charged). Simply order these when you book your party online!

Learn more about our Kids Birthday Parties via our Kids Parties FAQs here.