Franchising Opportunities

Supatramp Franchising

We are on the lookout for hardworking, entrepreneurial franchisees with a passion for customer service. As leaders in the indoor family entertainment industry, we know what works… We’ve worked hard to perfect our business model and we’re excited to expand our brand. If you’re interested in a Supatramp Franchise, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our General Manager, Mark Fountain will contact you ASAP.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in active, safe and innovative indoor family entertainment – we are the best fun you can have indoors!

The ‘Supa’ Difference

We wanted our business to be sustainable – one that caters to everyone who walks in the door, so we set out to be more than just a trampoline park! Our competitive difference comes down to three key elements – our diverse product offering, our premium safety standards and our exceptional customer service.

Product Diversity: We set out to be more than just a trampoline park! We wanted to offer something to everyone who walked in the door, so our product mix is diverse – with trampolines, dodgeball courts, wall climbing, basketball rings, an Air Mat, a high ropes course, a ninja warrior course and a toddler playground. Our combination of equipment isn’t matched by our competitors.

Safety: Everything about our centre – from the layout and development, to our staff training and daily procedures – have been established with safety as our number one priority. This makes our centre significantly different to many of our competitors – many of whom do not have such safety standards in place. We are founding members of the Australian Trampoline Parks Association; an independent body established to set and govern safety standards within the trampoline parks industry. ATPA is a sub-committee of the International Trampoline Park Association. We have achieved and maintained the highest safety rating internationally.

Customer Service: Our customer service philosophy is to provide a ‘Full-On Fun’ experience at every touch point – from start to finish. We run an internal Customer Experience Program which is focussed delivering a service that is personal, interactive, warm and friendly. We introduce this program to all prospective job candidates to showcase its priority. It guides our recruitment, identifies existing staff training needs, celebrates when we deliver on our promise and identifies trends or issues.



Keen to jump on board?

Send our General Manager, Mark Fountain an email at and he will contact you ASAP to discuss.