Trampoline Dodgeball

Trampoline Dodgeball

Duck, dive and dodge… But don’t get hit! Supa’s trampoline dodgeball courts are the perfect way to burn energy with your mates…

Exhilarating. Intense. Insanely fun.

It’s high energy, highly addictive and HEAPS of fun! Jump around the court and outsmart your opposition by throwing balls when they least expect (but try not to get hit!).

Traditional dodgeball meets trampoline fun!

Duck, Dive and Dodge your opponent’s balls in our ridiculously fun (and slightly addictive) trampoline dodgeball arena.

Compete against your mates, other players, or dodge the rockets coming in from our experienced airguards.

Supatramp has also unveiled a new ‘official’ Dodgeball League, so grab your mates, rally together and enter a team. The competition is already building, so get those practice sessions in by heading down to us.